Brand Design

A rabbit inspired adult toy collection

The starting point is simple: in the industry of sextoys the best sellers and most iconic products are the Rabbit vibrators. Starting from this premise, a major player in this sector decided to launch a Brand based on the iconic shape of a rabbit’s head, and thus proposed various product ranges with design consistency.

When I joined the project, three of the four product designs had been achieved, but everything remained to be done in terms of branding and communications. We started by defining the brand overview and choosing a brand name.

Visual Identity

Working closely with the product design team, my role was to design the brand identity, define the Art Direction and create various Online and Offline Assets critical to the brand launch. The team’s knowledge about this market enabled me to define the Brand visual representation; the brand should be: young, fresh, vivid, tingling, expressive and playful.

Product designers had already designed sleek and seamless velvety smooth silicone toys, defined a palette of jazzy colours and my role was to continue to visually express the brand value. The first step of the Brand Strategy was to pick a brand name and afterwards design the logo.

The result was a singular visual representation of the core values of the Brand: Playful and Fun. The Neon Pink communicates playfulness, and creates a youthful, passionate, sensual brand. With the aim of strengthening these feelings, I chose a quirky comic font. As the rabbit head with ears is iconic, I wanted to play and empathize with this symbol, and to do so, I designed the letter B as a rabbit head symbol, with the aim to create a memorable and appropriate logo.


There is no surprise that product packaging plays a crucial role in consumer decisions, so in order to look different and stand out from our competitors, particular regard has been given to the design. The result is attractive, transparent and glossy packaging which contributes to our product’s appeal and features.



It was important to reflect the playfulness through the website design and experience. I focused on creating colourful and playful layouts, and developed a fully responsive site that immerses visitors in the Pop OhhhBunny style. I implemented an online store, in order to have a website that works well for both B2B and B2C audiences.



As part of the overall marketing strategy, I designed and developed a responsive EDM. I created and set up a Mailchimp account with the goal of providing flexibility, and the template has been optimized for this ESP.

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