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Developing the key communication tools

AL Flooring is a luxury wood flooring company based in Shanghai. When I started to work on the project, the logo had been designed, and some projects had already been completed. My role was to design and develop digital communication tools in order to establish the online brand’s digital identity and positioning.

The company operates both in Chinese and European markets, so it has been crucial to develop a collaborative approach and an understanding of local markets, especially on the SNS. Our collaboration has led to long-term partnerships through their online communication.


Ever since its launch in 2013, the company has had the ambition to first release its products and services in the APAC market and, as a second step, expand its offering to Europe, so it was crucial to develop a Multilingual website. English and Chinese have been defined as the two languages available, and the website uses a Subdirectories URL structure.

We took a step forward in regard to how to promote the company and products on social media platforms. We decided to focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WeChat, the first two standing out as important for a B2B company, while furthermore sharing visual content on Pinterest in order to showcase the company portfolio seemed relevant to us.

Drawing up a communications strategy with the client has been essential to define the company objectives, the targeted audiences, and also to identify what tools are the most appropriate for communicating messages to the audiences and looking at the project from a digital landscape point of view.

Portfolio of Julien HERON - Interactive Designer based in Hong Kong. Web project - AL Flooring - Projects
Portfolio of Julien HERON - Interactive Designer based in Hong Kong. Web project - AL Flooring - Products chinese version


The website tone and manner is modern, clean and simple. The use of the purple brand main colour and square shaped graphical elements create a consistent and distinctive visual brand. I designed the website layout, developed it on WordPress, and also created various key visuals in order to enhance brand recognition.



As part of the overall marketing strategy, I designed and developed a responsive EDM. I created and set up a Mailchimp account, with the goal of providing flexibility, and the template has been optimized for this ESP.

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